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Stump Grinding Services in Maui, HI

Keep your property well maintained with the assistance of Friendly Tree Trimming. Serving as the tree and landscaping experts of Maui, HI, and the surrounding areas, we make it our mission to deliver complete customer satisfaction in every commercial and residential job we take on. Our services range from complete tree services, such as trimming, shaping, topping, and pruning, to complete landscaping maintenance. 

Tree trimming and pruning, while both vital to the longevity of trees on your property, are similar but different processes. Pruning is associated with improving the health and growth of the tree by removing infected, broken, or dead branches. Trimming, in addition to promoting a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, thins dense branches to ensure sunlight and moisture can still reach your yard.    

Tree Removal

Our Services Include

● Trimming


● Topping

● Lot Clearing  

● Hauling

● Planting

● Pruning

● Free Estimates   

● Landscaping Maintenance

● Stump Grinding and Removal  

As a tree service that’s also well versed in the art of stump grinding, we’ll help you say goodbye to that unsightly tree stump once and for all, reclaiming that space on your property. Our process involves complete cleanup, root removal, and the placement of topsoil and grass seed if requested. From routine trimming and pruning to lot clearing and landscaping maintenance, leave all aspects of lawn beautification to the professionals at Friendly Tree Trimming. Call today to speak with a staff member directly to schedule your appointment; we’re happy to help however we can. 

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